About Us


We are on a mission to help entrepreneurs and innovators build companies with a positive global impact.

Here at XNode, we utilize our unique position as the most international platform in Shanghai to provide high-quality Chinese localization services to startups and entrepreneurs, and connect them to topnotch domestic and international stakeholders.

On top of providing workspaces for entrepreneurs across Shanghai, we are also partnered with 10 incubators and innovation programs from around the world to foster a community where both Chinese and overseas entrepreneurs can exchange their ideas. We are passionate about helping next-generation entrepreneurs re-define, disrupt, and re-establish existing structures in their respective industries.

Because we live and operate within the startup ecosystem, we deeply understand how startups work and connect with them on a daily basis.

At the same time, we also understand that the ever-changing nature of the digital world is making innovation more pressing than ever for large corporations who now risk becoming obsolete. To address this issue, we also work to bridge the gap between corporates and startups, foster strong intrapreneurship, and give both corporates and startups a platform for them to each demonstrate what they do best.

We are positioned right at the center of two worlds embracing the mindsets of both startups and corporations. Join us in our journey to help these two communities connect with one another, learn new innovative strategies, and work together to unleash their maximum potential.