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Grow Your Customer Base With Third Party Currency

The Partner Rewards Platform allows fuel retailers to connect with brands to
enable customers to redeem their currencies at the pump

We Bring Customers From Relevant
Brands To Your Pump

Velocity’s Partner Rewards Platform connects brands together for tomorrow’s rewards programs.  Are you a fuel retailer wanting to connect to complementary brands and/or banks to provide redemption of their rewards? We are here to help. From points exchanges in real time, complex earn/burn rules, identifying and awarding complementary brand’s members, Partner Platform can be your end to end rewards solution.


Flexibility is the name when connecting to multiple brands 

PRP is architected to provide the following items: instant discount programs; third party redemption in real time, earn capability combined with redemption to third party or at site, exchange to partner brands, reporting to necessary parties, and CSR portal for clients


Bank Redemption

Everyday rewards are a critical need for bank card customers and the partner platform enables cardholders to easily redeem their points, miles, etc. at the pump for huge savings. Large fuel retailers can partner with banks to enable a great experience and develop additional earning opportunities.

bank redemption
reward connections

Strategic Brand Partnerships

Velocity’s platform is built to develop a standard communication down to the POS out via our Loyalty Switch. Our team will work with your partner and identify the necessary integration points to communicate member, balance information, debiting or crediting exchange, and reconciliation. Looking for partners? Lets Velocity Logic’s partner team identify and contract with partners to grow your customer base.

Card Linked Partnerships

Bringing in additional earning potential for your customers via purchases at relevant retail and online commerce are an opportunity to grow the size of the pie. Velocity Logic can connect with third parties or work to enable card linked offers that earn points to be redeemed at your store.

card linked loyalty
pay with points

Pay with Points

Enabling pay with points at your retail location from partner brand rewards can be a significant boost in growing your customer base and creating opportunities to connect those customers to your rewards program. Customers overwhelmingly are looking for partnerships with ways to save at the pump and Velocity Logic’s partner platform can enable it.

Points Exchange

Customer choice is the new norm. Programs need to allow its customers to exchange their points for fuel or vice versa. Velocity Logic’s Partner Platform can work with individual brands to form an exchange or develop a marketplace for customers to exchange currency for all types of rewards. 

Brand Partnerships
Brand Partnerships

Partnership Development

As part of the relationship with our clients, Velocity Logic will bring partners that fit our client’s goals and strategy (engagement, gallons, revenue, etc.). Velocity works with 100s of national brands, thousands of local brands, and acts as a partnership agency across many (Banks, Dining. Retail, Travel, etc).

Grow Your Customer Base With Third Party Currency

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