Automatic Member Growth
Enrollment Platform

Velocity Logic’s enrollment platform automatically increases
member acquisition through its innovative, quick, and
rewarding enrollment experiences.

Velocity Logic’s Innovative Enrollment Platform Simplifies the Customer Acquisition Process

Every customer that walks through your door is an opportunity to make them part of your rewards program. Retailers struggle with creating innovative and simple ways to capture the consumer’s attention and sign them up for their program. The simpler and cleaner experience will enable greater acquisition and more opportunities to engage their customer base.
At Velocity, our goal is to work with our partners and innovate and iterate on customer experiences on all aspects of their journey. Velocity’s new enrollment platform really focuses on the beginning or the top of the funnel. With our enrollment platform, retailers can greatly increase their overall member acquisition by communicating at the right time with the right information and the right speed.
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Features of Real-Time Enrollment Platform

  • Communication during the actual transaction
  • Allows for reward in next transaction
  • Communicates to third parties for SMS communication
  • Communicates to loyalty partners for reward insertion
  • Enables for partial enrollment for both inside and outside

Here is How The New Enrollment Platform Works

  • The enrollment platform is connected to the loyalty switch
  • Credit Cards, Phone Numbers, or IDs are swiped at the register and checked if connected to loyalty
  • If ID is not connected to any program, the enrollment platform receives the ID
  • The platform manages prompting to the customer to enroll in the program at the register, pump, etc.
  • The platform communicates to necessary parties to provide rewards and can integrate with SMS provider and reward host. If no reward host exists, Velocity can manage the rewards program
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