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Velocity Logic’s Convenience Store Loyalty Program

Consumers are becoming increasingly selective when it comes to the companies they choose to do business with. On top of that, bringing in new customers and retaining them is growing more difficult with each passing year. After all, consumers tend to seek out the stores with the best prices and selections rather than remaining faithful to a single retailer based on principle alone.

This is especially true in the convenience store sector where gas, tobacco prices, and amenities seem to reign supreme. Gaining a continually growing customer base and keeping patrons coming back isn’t an easy feat. That being said, convenience store loyalty programs can certainly make a world of difference.

At Velocity Logic, we specialize in providing reward programs for convenience stores. Our customized platforms and resources allow you to gain insight into your customers’ mindsets and leverage this information against the competition. At the same time, we allow you to tailor your offerings to the needs and expectations of your patrons so that your loyalty program becomes a tool that serves the right customers with the right rewards.

Understanding the Benefits of Loyalty Rewards Programs

Reports show that the convenience store industry is growing more competitive with each passing year. To succeed, members of the industry must contend with rising gas and tobacco prices and new competitors constantly entering their local markets among other issues. Experts note that certain additional hurdles could soon arise as well and resources are limited.(1) This and many other reasons lead us to believe a balanced loyalty program can help grow and maintain existing customers while attracting new ones.

Convenience store loyalty programs can give you a range of benefits. Recent studies(2) show that those tailored to the specific needs and interests of customers are the most effective. With the right loyalty program strategy in place, you could certainly hold onto existing customers, boost sales, and bring in a steady stream of new patrons among other advantages.

Velocity Logic’s Convenience Store Loyalty Programs

At Velocity Logic, we offer a wide range of convenience store loyalty programs to help you give customers the ultimate rewards and, in turn, take advantage of all the benefits these strategies have to offer. Our fast, reliable convenience store loyalty program technology gives you unlimited flexibility to learn what customers are looking for and give them what they want. At the same time, our team is continually researching and developing new options to better serve you and your customers.

Our Rewards Program Options For Convenience Stores

Our team of customer loyalty program experts brings you the industry’s most diverse and powerful loyalty software coupled with an unbridled experience and leadership for convenience stores. They allow you to better understand your customers’ expectations and provide them a variety of ways to rack up rewards by shopping with you.

Fuel Rewards. Gas prices are always a point of concern for consumers. You can choose to provide fuel as a reward based on purchases made in your store or at the pump.

Brand Dollars. Customers are also on a constant search for ways to save money without having to sacrifice some of the little conveniences they enjoy. With our loyalty program features, you can give them brand cash based on purchases made at your store. Chances are they’ll spend more to get more, and this cycle benefits everyone involved.

Points. You can also create a points loyalty program to allow customers to earn discounts on coffee, drinks, fuel, and other items in your store. Again, they’ll spend more in your store to generate their rewards.

Surprise and Delight. Consumers truly enjoy getting unexpected special offers and rewards. Why not surprise your customers based on visits and/or dollars spent at your store? Our internal calculation technology makes it easy to keep track of their in-house spending and points or rewards earned.

Today’s retailers depend on loyalty, and you can rely on us to help you create the convenience store loyalty programs you need to keep customers coming back and telling others about you. Choose one all-inclusive program or multiple options to give customers more alternatives. The choice is yours, and we’re here to bring your visions to life and develop the best-fit loyalty program for you and your customers.

Ramped-up Loyalty for You and Your Customers 

Convenience store customers respond differently to various offers. Some prefer points off fuel prices while others would rather get free treats on occasion. Our loyalty programs give you numerous rewards to offer, such as fuel, free or discounted in-store items, brand cash, third-party value, and instant coupons.

On top of that, our platform features customizable options, like limits on redemptions per transaction, prompting, and many more. You decide what to offer your customers, and they can choose their rewards via email, app, and directly at the POS. Take a look at some of the popular options and features we’ve made available to you and your customers.

points program

Program Earn Types

Today’s Reward program features need to have flexibility to offer a multitude of ways for customers to earn rewards at your stores.

  • Fuel Rewards – Provide fuel as a reward based on purchases made in-store or at the pump
  • Brand Dollars – Provide brand cash based on purchases made at
  • Surprise & Delight – Surprise your customers based on an internal calculation based on visits and/or dollars spent
  • Points – Create a points program off purchases, items, fuel, you name it, we can do it.

Choose from one or multiple to create the perfect program to attract and grow your customer engagement.

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Digital Punch Card Programs

Despite all the options available, consumers are inevitably drawn to traditional punch card programs because of their simplicity and transparency. Our punch card program combines technology with convention and allows you to get any number of digital punch card programs to offer customers. We also help with selecting the punch card products that are most likely to appeal to your customers. From coffee punch card programs, beverages, car wash, and even subscription, Velocity has the functionality you need and allow the customers to get what they deserve/want.

digital punch card program
loyalty discounts

Reward Features

Velocity Logic features rewards such as fuel, free or discount on in-store items, brand cash (tender), third party value, and instant coupons. Choose from a myriad of customizeable features like limits on redemptions per transaction, prompting and many more. Rewards can be selected via email, app, and directly at the POS. 

Customer Offers Program

Our well-rounded offers program allows you complete flexibility in choosing which offers to give your customers with multiple configuration tiers available. Customers can customize their rewards to include transaction- and product-level offers and fuel discounts or other options. Create your own offer parameters, like days of the week, flash, triggering products, dollars off, percentages off, fixed price, and more.

buy one get one free
scan and go

Order Ahead & Mobile Checkout

In light of surging demand, we’ve recently expanded our platform to include mobile order ahead and mobile checkout functionality. Through our partnership with Skip, your customers can now make purchases on their mobile phones, pick them up in your store, and be on their way.

Dashboard & Reporting

With our far-reaching report tools and visual dashboard, you’ll find even more value for your business. It gives you insight into your customers’ behaviors and preferences, how well your rewards programs are performing, and many other important details. Further, tailor your loyalty program and hone your marketing efforts among countless other benefits.

mobile payment

ACH Mobile Payment

Debit cards have all but replaced cash at this point, and customers are increasingly using their phones rather than physical debit cards to make purchases. We’ve partnered with Zipline (now PDI) to bring our clients ACH mobile payment platforms that seamlessly combine their private-label debit cards, loyalty cards, and other aspects. Our platform is the only one of its kind on the market today and helps members save at the pump and provide a seamless payment experience.

CPG Offers

Our c-store app and partnership with Koupon Media give you the added benefit of targeted and funded discounts, points programs, and other rewards options your members can redeem for all those snacks and treats they love to buy from your store. This is one of the most effective ways to maintain loyalty among convenience store loyalty program members.

CPG Offers

Most flexible rewards platform you’ve ever seen 

partner rewards

Partner Rewards

Partner up with outside sources to offer members even more rewards, such as event tickets, gift cards, and experiential rewards all funded by third parties. Create an entirely new level of interest and excitement around your store to benefit yourself, partners’ brands, and of course, your customers.

Partner With Our Loyalty Program Platform & Leverage Our Experience & Leadership To Enhance Customer Engagement

Convenience store rewards programs are effective solutions for retailers who want to bring in more customers and ramp up loyalty among existing patrons. Velocity Logic is proud to bring convenience store owners an extensive range of loyalty rewards programs and related services. Call us at 607-584-5088 or contact us using the form on our website to learn more about how we can help you boost your sales and create a loyal and ever-growing customer base.


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